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Sing Like the Whippoorwill

This illustrated fable for adults offers challenging insights to the meaning of life and death and the afterlife.  Four bugs, each representing a different spiritual path and each feeling superior, come together because of a common danger.  After a long, perilous journey, they finally learn to trust each other--but at the cost of their lives.  The story then reunites them as they awaken in a strangely familiar land, where they learn, to their great surprise, the meaning of their lives on earth and embrace the challenges ahead of them in the "Good Land.”  Recognizing the reality and terrible consequences of unchecked greed and lust, the story dramatizes the ability of each of us to triumph finally and unconditionally over evil. Sylvia Zimmerman’s sketches add significantly to the story’s impact.

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Betty’s extensive knowledge of philosophy and religion shine brightly, and his creative and effective style of writing radiates…Zimmerman’s illustrations bring the insect personalities and their surrounding habitat to life.

~ Lily Arvizo

I found the book absolutely intriguing in its calculated simplicity…Even as the virtuous creatures learn a lesson or two, the reader will benefit and apply the principles to his or her own life. There are poignant moments and lightly humorous ones and ones that will put a glow in your heart.
~ Mignon Kilday

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