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Sunlit Waters

Ceto, an 80-year-old, 70-foot-long sperm whale, his beloved partner, Ceta, and much of their leviathan pod have been slaughtered by the “bipeds.” In a desperate protest against human violence and pollution, Ceto beaches himself in an act of altruistic suicide, an ancient and venerated tradition among the whales. Painfully gasping for air on shore, Ceto becomes aware of a young girl who has taken it upon herself to keep him company. As Ceto goes through the process of dying, she stays with him, speaks to him, and plays her violin for him. The girls’ kindness reminds him of his slain partner and mate, whose thoughts merge with his as he closes his eyes and passes on to the “clear, sunlit waters on high.”

This ecological novella forcefully highlights the contemporary plight of endangered whales and marine life in general owing to humanity’s aggressive plunder of the seas. Sunlit Waters is a story that will provoke thoughtful discussion and reflection on our responsibilities and stewardship for all creation.

Beautiful illustrations by William Baker grace this little book.

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