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Thomas: A Novel

"Thomas: A Novel is based on an ancient Christian tradition and persistent legend that St. Thomas toiled as a missionary in India after the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Pope Paul VI gave currency to this legend in 1972 by declaring St. Thomas the ‘Apostle of India.’ The novel is not hagiographic: Thomas is a complex man, capable of the full range of human emotion.  When the disciples gather to choose lots for their missionary destinations, he is riddled with fear when he draws the India lot. He reluctantly embraces his sacred mission with this resolution: ‘If Jesus could die on a cross fit for criminals, then I, Thomas, can die in India as an honored martyr.’  This is the beginning of his journey through exotic India…  

Thomas’s India is replete with strange customs, inscrutable manners, and mysterious traditions. The novel features a vivid cast of characters from every estate: royals, beggars, the rich and powerful, the weak and the lowly.  These characters leap off the page in Betty’s fascinating tale of the life, struggles, and death of a Christian hero. Thomas: A Novel succeeds in making Thomas unforgettable.  It is an invitation to remember him not for his doubt, but for his belief.” ~ Joseph R. Preville

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"I fell under the spell of the story early and finished the book in about give days.  In the end, I had an incredible feeling of fulfillment and closure. It is an extremely interesting and accurate fusing of Indian and Christian religions. Though you may experience backlash from the more fundamental Christian community, this is only a confirmation of the importance of your work and ideas."

~ Joshua Campbell

"I've finished your wonderful book. You did a masterful job of imagining Thomas and imagining him in India. And the ending was truly suspenseful and powerful. . . . you've succeeded in writing--and getting published--a very fine novel of deep religious feeling. Amazing! I do hope you manage to get it published here and in the UK."
~ Tim Vivian, Professor of Religious Studies 

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