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The War for Islam

In the year 2090 extremist "Islamism" threatens the world order, as it does today. This novel shows how true Muslims can take back their religion from this impostor. The novel's two Muslim heroines go all out to defeat it and show what great things women can do. Although they have jobs to do close to home and children to raise, they travel to distant places, risk their lives, and influence world thought. Never far behind are the death threats, or fatwas, that stalk them. Eventually they rise to greatness, but the price can be fatal. I believe that this novel will inspire Muslims fearful of joining the fight against a repressive counterfeit religion to do for Islam today what Saira and Layla do in the novel.

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"Generally, I avoid pure fiction, but I ordered this novel because I’d read the author’s other novels and know that they are full of ideas and are educational. Moreover, I welcomed the opportunity to add to my limited knowledge of Islam. I was certainly not disappointed—my knowledge of Islam has greatly expanded.
What I didn’t expect was the pleasure I had reading it. The story’s three heroes are fascinating, lovable people driven by the highest ideals. I rooted for them, wept for them, celebrated with them. Even the minor characters, the quirky billionaire friend, the Japanese prime minister who united the two Koreas, the “Crusher” we meet in the Sudan chapter, Saira’s child who uncovers the plot to blow up Gracie Mansion in New York—they really come alive. I would have preferred a little less theology, but the next page always brought me back into the plot. The plotting was extraordinary, full of suspense, narrow escapes, surprisin
g resolutions.
Professor Betty’s masterful novel combines great storytelling with profound insights into the major cultural problem of our time."

~ Michael Tymn, author of The Afterlife Revealed, No One Really Dies, and other books on the afterlife  

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