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Vādirāja’s Refutation of Śańkara’s Non-Dualism:
Clearing the Way for Theism

This book is a concise, fairly literal translation of Vādirāja’s Nyāyaratnāvali, which is written in the extremely compact style characteristic of Dvaita (Dualist) polemics. It was regarded at the time of publication (and perhaps still is) the clearest guide to the tortuous intricacies of Dualist-Non-dualist dialectic in any Western language.

Refutation of Sankara.jpeg


"Prof. Betty…is a sattvic soul with a spark of divinity in him, the recipient of the grace of Sri Madhva and Sri Vādirāja, even as Sir Thomas Munroe was semi-divine and blessed by Sri Rāghavendra. Otherwise, how could he, an alien and noon-Mādhva, have had an access to the blessed philosophy of Sri Madhva and the works of Sri Vādirāja? How again could he have mastered the intricacies of the controversial disputations and translated them with clarity…?"
~ Quoted from B. S. Madhava’s letter

"I convey my congratulations upon you for having turned the grass of a Sanskrit work into the milk of a philosophical book in English language, clearing the way for Theism. May your next work be a greater service to humanity."
~ DP. Vyasacharya

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