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The Afterlife Therapist

Following his death Aiden Lovejoy finds himself in a strange but wonderful world—a vital, busy, challenging environment with great joy beckoning. There is much work to be done, however, and the progress that “the dead” are invited to make can stretch over eons. Aiden, a family therapist in earth life, picks up where he left off. Alongside the beauty that surrounds him are hellish zones where disfigured characters choose to live, and their suffering calls out to him. But he has troubles of his own, and souls from higher worlds inspire him to reach higher.
The laws of this world, its differences from the afterlife scenarios of the world’s religions, and its rationality and ‘amazingness’ stand out. All that happens to the novel’s characters is supported in a general way by evidence. The details are of course fanciful, but the world in which surviving souls are embedded owes far more to research than to my unaided imagination. Something like this is the world I think we will all enter, whether Christian or Buddhist or atheist or whatever, when we die.

As I see it, we are all pilgrims on an infinite march.”


"Stafford Betty has broken new ground with The Afterlife Therapist. This fast-paced, humanly credible afterlife story is based on what science has to say about our conscious survival after death."
~ Michael Grosso, PhD, author of Smile of the Universe: Miracles in an Age of Disbelief and The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation.

"For all those whose lives were touched by the cinematographic magic of What Dreams May Come, prepare yourself for stage-two in an epic adventure of afterlife evolution."
~ Douglas Monroe, PhD, author of The 21 Lessons of Merlyn series

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